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READY, WILLING and ABLE to be there for you at any time.


They say perception is everything and this is certainly true when it comes to the Media.   Developing your staff through ongoing Media and Communications training will result in an array of benefits for your organisation and improve the professional well-being of your staff. 

Our Media Training will teach your staff how to prepare strategic key messages, enable them to practice communicating to camera, reduce media illiteracy, educate on the difference between advertising and editorial and promote a deeper of understanding of the media’s influence.

Our objective is to promote the wellbeing and reputation of your business by teaching potential spokespersons the challenging art of media relations. We consider how to identify and manage the important mix of bringing newsworthy content, access and timing together in an integrated PR campaign.  Our training also explores media protocols and the necessity of a planned response to crisis situations.

Our training programs are world class and our approach is experiential using real-life experiences to educate.  We focus on teaching skills and knowledge that relate directly to your workplace and can be implemented seamlessly.

With a wealth of real-life media experience let us manage your next focus group or training seminar. Our expertise extends across multi-cultural, emotional and crisis situations. Our Media Training Courses can reach your audience in all types of environments and help you develop and maintain dialogue with your stakeholders.

Our Training courses run as group or individual sessions based on an assessment of your needs. Group training can be a terrific way to prepare staff to face the media whilst individual training is particularly useful for training of senior executives.  And, we are able to work with you to customise a training program based on your organisations specific needs.  Our courses can be an end-to-end course or the starting point for a comprehensive, tailored media and communications training program.

Are you ready, willing and able to extend your media reach? Then contact us.