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Crisis- Willing to go to any lengths to manage your crisis


Briggs Communications intimately understands Communications, Crisis Media and Crisis Public Relations.  

Highly experienced in all levels of Corporate Communications but with special interest and expertise in Crisis Communications we consult to a large number of organisations Australia wide on such matters. Working closely with our clients we develop the best strategic platform for organisations to manage their communications and the media during a crisis.

Having first hand experience of Crisis Public Relations from an Emergency Services and Corporate sector, Briggs Communications has an unrivalled ability to assist you with preparation, response and most importantly, recovery from a PR crisis.

A robust communications platform will yield many benefits especially during times of crisis.  Our crisis practice will advise your organisation during the crisis, guide you through the critical stages, and in many cases bring your organisation back to a healthier state than pre-crisis. Our experience provides peace of mind to you as you know your crisis is being professionally managed.

With sixteen years experience as an operational police officer and over ten years with the Media and Corporate Communications Department as a Sergeant, Managing Director Allan Briggs has been a visible hand at hundreds of media and public relations events. Working alongside the media at emergencies such as the gangland shootings, lost children cases, aeroplane accidents and the tragic bushfires of Black Saturday, we have the requisite knowledge and understanding to manage your corporate crisis should it unfold.

Allan Briggs is supported by a dedicated team with extensive experience in the communications field to ensure you receive the most up to date knowledge in this sector. Are you ready, willing and able to build a proactive communications platform? Then contact us.