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Client Outcomes

Institute of Management Consultants (IMC):

The IMC approached Briggs Communications to assist with the Media and Public Relations for their November 2011 national conference where renowned management consultant Alan Weiss, better known as the ‘Million Dollar Consultant’, presented and facilitated a one-day workshop. Briggs Communications implemented a PR strategy to generate awareness and build the IMC profile. Briggs Communications continues to work with IMC to build membership and develop IMC as an expert body for the media and other business entities to engage with.

ADHD Coalition:

The ADHD Coalition of Victoria is an independent, non-govenment funded organisation of volunteers who aim to promote better understanding and acceptance of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and associated disorders.

Briggs Communications worked with the ADHD Coalition, as a pro-bono client, helping to establish their brand and give them direction in their communications. This work resulted in a substantial restructure and the ADHD Coalition is currently in the process of applying for several grants. Having a communications strategy and a business strategy has meant there is now a clear direction of their goals and objectives and assists the organisation to move forward.

Athletics Victoria:

Athletics Victoria approached Briggs Communications to recruit a new media manager. Briggs Communications identified an applicant with a suitable skill-set and cultural fit was identified as the best candidate for the position. Briggs Communications subsequently learned the candidate was looking for a short-term position and encouraged the candidate to advise Athletics Victoria of this. Based on this information, the candidate was unsuccessful in their application but Athletics Victoria was grateful for the open and honest communication encouraged by Briggs Communications. This level of ethical work is paramount at Briggs Communications and how we do business with all our clients.

Australian Volunteer Coast Guard:

The Australian Volunteer Coast Guard (AVCG) is a volunteer-run organisation that aims to promote safety in the operation of water craft on Australian waterways. When AVCG approached Briggs Communications, the organisation had limited government funding and sponsorship.  Briggs Communications worked with to AVCG to build and secure a national sponsorship through Boating Camping Fishing (BCF), as well as play a key role in the Media and Public Relations of a number of events including the 50th anniversary dinner and various flotilla openings around Victoria. Briggs Communications also manages the AVCG ongoing liaison with government to build the organisation’s profile and future funding arrangements. Briggs Communications continues to assist AVCG with their government funding project and management of the national BCF sponsorship.

Building Commission:

The Building Commission, a statutory authority that oversees the building control system in Victoria, approached Briggs Communications for Media, Public Relations and Communications assistance.  Briggs Communications worked on a range of projects including a national conference and a fire sprinkler project which resulted in saving of over 450 million litres of drinking water. Briggs Communications increased media exposure for these projects, and provided communications support to the organisation.

CARE Australia:

CARE Australia, an international humanitarian aid organisation, engaged Briggs Communications to recruite a new media manager. CARE sought an exceptional candidate with a high level of communications and leadership skills, as well as the ability to work under demanding conditions. Briggs Communications was able to help CARE interview shortlisted applicants and finally select the preferred candidate for the role.

Department of Justice:

Briggs Communications conducted media training for the senior communications practitioners at the Department of Justice. Over a two-day workshop, staff were trained in in media interviews, filming pieces to camera and writing media releases. Thee workshop was tailored to the vision, mission and values of the department in order to best suit the department’s strategy. The workshop was well-received and the communications staff gained exposure to new ways of thinking and liaising with the media.

Life Saving Victoria:

Briggs Communications managed the communications unit at Life Saving Victoria during a period of senior management transition assisting with the restructuring of the communications department. New systems for media monitoring and media training for staff and lifesaving personnel was also implemented. Briggs Communications facilitated a number of committees such as Play It Safe By The Water, assisted with the annual report and worked on the Collingwood and Westpac fundraising event at Etihad stadium. During this time two media and communications personnel were recruited and placed by Briggs Communications.

Public Relations Institute of Australia:

The Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) is a national industry body that represents and provides support to over 3,000 individual practitioners and 175 consultancies. Briggs Communications has been involved with a range of PRIA projects including Women in PR lunch as well as advise on the implement of various courses, strategic planning, media training and the events committee.


Over the past six years Briggs Communications has delivered a number of short courses at RMIT Australia and lectured in under graduate and post graduate to masters courses. Briggs Communications is regularly called upon to assist with selection panel interviews and provide strategic advice for Media and Public Relations course content and delivery.